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Oracle9i Database Reference
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96536-02
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Parameter type


Default value


Parameter class


Range of values

true | false


This parameter applies to parallel execution in exclusive mode as well as in the Oracle9i Real Application Clusters environment.

When PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING is set to true, Oracle determines the default values for parameters that control parallel execution. In addition to setting this parameter, you must specify the PARALLEL clause for the target tables in the system. Oracle then tunes all subsequent parallel operations automatically.

If you used parallel execution in a previous release and are now enabling PARALLEL_AUTOMATIC_TUNING, you should reduce the amount of memory allocated from the shared pool to account for the decreased demand on that pool. This memory will now be allocated from the large pool, and will be computed automatically if LARGE_POOL_SIZE is left unset.

As part of the automatic tuning, Oracle will enable the PARALLEL_ADAPTIVE_MULTI_USER parameter. You can override any of the system-provided defaults if desired.

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