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Oracle9i Database Performance Tuning Guide and Reference
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96533-02
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What's New in Oracle Performance?

This section describes new performance features of Oracle9i Release 2 (9.2) and provides pointers to additional information. The features and enhancements described in this section comprise the overall effort to optimize server performance.


Before using this performance tuning reference, make sure you have read Oracle9i Database Performance Planning. Oracle Corporation has designed a new performance methodology, based on years of Oracle designing and performance experience. This brief book explains clear and simple activities that can dramatically improve system performance. It discusses the following topics:

  • Investment Options
  • Scalability
  • System Architecture
  • Application Design Principles
  • Workload Testing, Modeling, and Implementation
  • Deploying New Applications

The new and updated performance features include the following: