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Oracle9i Database New Features
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96531-02
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1 Overview of Oracle9i

Oracle9i Database
Oracle9i Application Server
Oracle9i Developer Suite

2 Oracle9i Database Release 2 (9.2) New Features

Scalability and Performance
Partitioning of Applications No Longer Necessary
Fast Split Partitioning
Shared Server
Itanium 2 on HP-UX and Linux
Enhanced Disaster Recovery Environment
Recovery Manager Enhancements and Changes
Streamlined Operational Database Management
Simplified Oracle9i Administration With Oracle Enterprise Manager
LogMiner Enhancements
Minimizing the Production Impact of Upgrading
Cluster File Systems
Domain Indexes Enhancement
Table Function Enhancement
Oracle Net Services Enhancements
Segment-level Statistics Collection
Real Application Clusters Guard II
Information Integration
Oracle Streams
Business Intelligence
Oracle OLAP Option Enhancements
Scalability for Business Intelligence
Security and Directory
SYS Auditing Capability
DBA GRANT/REVOKE of Object Privileges
Password for Users SYS and SYSTEM at Database Creation
Simplified User Setup and Administration
User Migration Utility
Support for Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
Strong Authentication: Support for RADIUS Authorizations
Public Key Infrastructure: SSL Hardware Acceleration
Directory Naming Access Control in Oracle Net Services
Oracle Label Security: Releasabilities
Internet Content Management
Storage, Management, and Aggregation of Content
Oracle Spatial
Application Development
Oracle Text
Workspace Manager
Open Server-Side PL/SQL and Java Debugging
Object Type Translator (OTT) Tags: Carrying Forward User Added Code
Windows Integration
Integration Capabilities

3 Oracle9i Database Release 1 (9.0.1) New Features

Development Platform
Enterprise Java Engine
Extensible Markup Language New Features
Oracle XML Developer's Kit
SQL and PL/SQL Improvements
Oracle Text
Internet Content Management
Storage, Management, and Aggregation for All Types of Content
Efficient Searching and Indexing over All Types of Content
Collaborative Projects
Location-Enabled, Mobile-Ready Content
Enhanced Disaster Recovery Environment
Online Data Evolution
Precision Database Repair
Advanced Replication
Database Self-Management
Streamlined Operational Database Management
Enhanced Recovery Manager Performance
Simplified Oracle9i Administration With Oracle Enterprise Manager
Oracle Net Services
Data Cartridge Enhancements
Oracle Spatial
Heterogeneous Services
Business Intelligence
Performance and Scalability
Data Warehouse Manageability
Integrated Analysis Capabilities
Scalability and Performance
Scalability Enhancements
Performance Enhancements
Database Security
Security New Features Implementation
Database Security New Features
Data Encryption and Label Security
Windows Integration
Integration Capabilities
Information Integration
Providing a Standard Infrastructure
Supporting Industry Standard Business Messaging Formats
Packaged Applications
Database Globalization Support
Development Features for Independent Software Vendors

4 Oracle9i Documentation

Online Documentation Structure
Documentation Titles
Oracle9i Master Index and Master Glossary
Oracle9i Server and SQL*Plus
Oracle9i Directory, Networking, and Security Documentation
Oracle9i Real Application Clusters
Oracle9i Database Application Development
Oracle Text

5 Oracle9i Database Feature and Option Availability

Oracle9i Database Release 2 Options
Oracle9i Database Release 2 Features
Oracle9i Database Release 1 Features
The V$OPTION Table