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Oracle9i SQL Reference
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96540-02
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The UNDER_PATH condition determines whether resources specified in a column can be found under a particular path specified by path_string in the Oracle XML database repository. The path information is computed by the RESOURCE_VIEW view, which you query to use this condition.

Use this condition in queries to RESOURCE_VIEW and PATH_VIEW. These public views provide a mechanism for SQL access to data stored in the XML database repository. RESOURCE_VIEW contains one row for each resource in the repository, and PATH_VIEW contains one row for each unique path in the repository.


Text description of conditions15.gif follows
Text description of under_path

The optional levels argument indicates the number of levels down from path_string Oracle should search. Oracle treats values less than 0 as 0.

The optional correlation_integer argument correlates the UNDER_PATH condition with its ancillary functions PATH and DEPTH.

See Also:

The view RESOURCE_VIEW computes the paths (in the any_path column) that lead to all XML resources (in the res column) in the database repository. The following example queries the RESOURCE_VIEW view to find the paths to the resources in the sample schema oe. The query returns the path of the XML schema that was created in "XMLType Table Examples":

   WHERE UNDER_PATH(res, '/sys/schemas/OE/')=1;