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Oracle9i OLAP User's Guide
Release 2 (

Part Number A95295-02
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How to Upgrade an Express Database

Follow these steps to upgrade an Express database for use as an analytic workspace in Oracle9i:

  1. Open a connection with Express Server and create an EIF file of your Express database, using a command such as this:

    where upgrade.eif is the name of the file being created.

  2. Copy the file to a directory that has a directory alias in the Oracle database and to which you have access rights.

    For information about directory aliases, refer to "Controlling Access to External Files".

  3. Open a connection to the Oracle database using OLAP Worksheet.

    For information about using OLAP Worksheet, refer to the Oracle9i OLAP Developer's Guide to the OLAP DML.

  4. Create an empty analytic workspace with a command such as this:
    AW CREATE financials TABLESPACE olapts

    where financials is the name of the analytic workspace and olapts is the name of a tablespace allocated for your use. Note that the DATABASE command has changed to the AW command.

  5. Copy the object definitions and data from the EIF file into the new analytic workspace with a command such as this:
    IMPORT ALL FROM EIF FILE 'alias/upgrade.eif' DATA DFNS

    where alias is the name of the directory alias, and upgrade.eif is the name of the EIF file.

  6. Save your changes to the new analytic workspace:
  7. Commit the new analytic workspace to the Oracle database:
  8. Revise any programs in the analytic workspace to delete references to obsolete commands. Save these changes.