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Oracle9i OLAP User's Guide
Release 2 (

Part Number A95295-02
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Applications Support

Oracle OLAP allows applications to access its multidimensional data directly through either a Java API or SQL. Express SPL programs can be executed using either programming method. Be sure to review all SPL programs to remove commands that are no longer available and to take advantage of new functionality.

The CWM2_OLAP_AW_CREATE package contains procedures for creating analytic workspaces and generating views of analytic workspaces. You can create OLAP Catalog metadata for use by the OLAP API, or use SQL to run directly against these views of your multidimensional data.

You cannot run Windows C++, HTML, or Java applications that were developed for use with Express Server.

Programming Environment

Applications for Oracle OLAP can be developed in Java using the OLAP API. SQL-based applications can access OLAP data through views or manipulate it directly through SQL table functions.

OLAP Worksheet provides an interactive environment for developing stored procedures in either the OLAP DML or SQL. The DBMS_AW procedure executes OLAP DML commands from within a SQL program.

You cannot connect to Oracle OLAP using Express Administrator, Personal Express, or the Express Connection Utility.


Oracle OLAP provides communications through Oracle Call Interface (OCI) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

OLAP Worksheet uses XCA for communication with the analytic workspace. However, XCA is not supported for user-developed applications and may produce unexpected results.

SNAPI is no longer available. Session sharing is not supported.


In Oracle OLAP, the database administrator defines multidimensional objects and associated OLAP metadata in the relational database using PL/SQL packages for use by the OLAP API.

OLAP Worksheet allows DBAs and applications developers to create objects in the analytic workspace by issuing DML commands. For the OLAP API to access these objects, the appropriate analytic workspace metadata must be defined.

Oracle Express Administrator is not available in Oracle OLAP, and the Oracle Express Objects metadata that it generated is not used by the OLAP API.