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Oracle9i OLAP User's Guide
Release 2 (

Part Number A95295-02
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Methods of Executing OLAP DML Commands

The OLAP DML can be used when you want to perform calculations that are not easily accomplished in the ETL process or using SQL (either directly or using the OLAP API). The results can be calculated as part of the data warehouse build and update process, and can optionally be written to SQL tables. Alternatively, applications developers can create OLAP DML programs using the OLAP Worksheet and execute them by embedding OLAP DML in their SQL- or Java-based applications.

OLAP Worksheet: The OLAP DML Development Tool

OLAP Worksheet is an interactive command line interface to Oracle that you can use to perform the following tasks:

OLAP Worksheet has a command input window and a program edit window.

Procedure: Open OLAP Worksheet

To open OLAP Worksheet, use the following steps:

  1. In Enterprise Manager, connect to a database that is enabled for OLAP.
  2. Expand the database.
  3. Choose Warehouse.
  4. From the right mouse menu, choose Oracle OLAP Worksheet.

Once you have opened OLAP Worksheet, you can use its menus to establish a connection to Oracle, open a workspace, execute OLAP DML commands, execute SQL statements, or write OLAP DML programs, save any changes, and close the connection.

Embedding OLAP DML Commands in Programs

Applications developers can embed OLAP DML in their SQL- or Java-based applications: