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Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Guide

Part Number A96673-02
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Keyboard Navigation

Oracle Enterprise Manager supports standard keyboard navigation. Standard keyboard navigation includes the use of the tab key, mnemonics (using the Alt key and the underlined character), and accelerators (such as Alt+F4 to exit a window).

The following table contains keyboard actions that are not commonly known or for which there is no firm standard.

Keyboard Action Result

F10 (release), Space

Drops the system menu for a window or dialog.

When focus is on a selected tree item or a selected table item, type Shift + F10

Drops the context menu for the selected item.

With focus on an edit field within a table, type in a new value and press Enter

Accepts new value is accepted and the focus is moved to the next row of the table.

With focus on a drop down list within a table, press Space.

Changes the drop down list from opened to closed or from closed to open.

Accelerators for picture buttons are documented in the Help for the dialog or window where the picture buttons appear.