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Oracle9i XML Developer's Kits Guide - XDK
Release 2 (9.2)

Part Number A96621-01
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access control entry, definition, Glossary-1
access control list, definition, Glossary-1
ACE, definition, Glossary-1
ACL, definition, Glossary-1
adding XML document as a child, 4-67
API, definition, Glossary-1
application program interface (API), definition, Glossary-1
Application Program Interface, definition, Glossary-1
application server, definition, Glossary-1
asynchronous parsing, 10-5
attribute, definition, Glossary-2
automatic population, 7-30


definition, Glossary-2
definition, Glossary-2
building XSQL clients, 25-15
framework, 25-7
JDeveloper, 25-7
XSQL clients, 25-15
BC4J, definition, Glossary-2
binary data, 4-70
Binary Large Object, definition, Glossary-2
clearBindValues(), 23-6
setBindValue, 23-2
values to queries in XSU PL/SQL API, 23-2
BLOB, definition, Glossary-2
Built-in Action Handler, 9-73
Built-in Action Handler, XSQL, 9-73
Business Components for Java
definition, Glossary-2
XSQL clients, 25-15
Business-to-Business, Glossary-2
Business-to-Consumer, definition, Glossary-2


C Parser, 13-1
C++ Parser, 16-1
callback, definition, Glossary-2
cartridge, definition, Glossary-3
Cascading Style Sheets, definition, Glossary-3, Glossary-5
case-sensitivity, parser, 4-50
CDATA Section, 4-51
CDATA, definition, Glossary-3
Channel Definition Format, definition, Glossary-3
character sets
XML Parser for Java, supported by, A-3
XML Schema Processor for Java, supported by, 6-6
characters, special
inserting in XML documents, 4-73
Class Generator
definition, Glossary-3
for Java, 7-2
complexType, 7-4
generate() method, 7-5
oracg, 7-3
SchemaClassGenerator class, 7-5
simpleType, 7-4
using with DTDs, 7-8
XML Schema, 7-4
Java FAQs, 7-29
XML C++, 19-1
Class Generators
for Java, explained, 7-30
CGXSDElement, 7-7
DOMBuilder(), 10-5
DTDClassGenerator(), 7-8
SchemaClassGenerator(), 7-5
setSchemaValidationMode(), 6-9
XMLTreeView(), 10-15
configuring to run XSU, 8-17
definition, Glossary-4
settings for class generator for Java, 7-30
clearBindValues(), 23-6
clearUpdateColumnNames(), 23-10
client-server, definition, Glossary-4
CLOB, definition, Glossary-4
CLOBs, XML in, 20-21
command line interface
oracg, 7-3
oraxml, 5-6
command line utilities
oracg, 7-3
Common Gateway Interface (CGI), definition, Glossary-4
Common Object Request Broker API, definition, Glossary-4
Common Oracle Runtime Environment, definition, Glossary-4
compression of XML, 4-10
to a database with a thin driver, 8-25
to the database, 8-24
Connection Definitions, 9-17
Content, definition, Glossary-4
context, creating one in XSU PL/SQL API, 23-15
CORBA, definition, Glossary-4
CORE, definition, Glossary-4
creating a node, 4-55
creating context handles
getCtx, 23-2


DAD, definition, Glossary-5
data compression, XML Parser for Java, 4-10
Database Access Descriptor, definition, Glossary-5
datagram, definition, Glossary-5
DB Access Bean, 10-4
bind, 23-2
clearBindValues(), 23-6
getXMLClob, 23-6
DBMS_XMLQuery(), 23-2
DBMS_XMLSave, 23-7
deleteXML, 23-8
getCtx, 23-7
insertXML, 23-8
updateXML, 23-8
DBMS_XMLSave(), 23-7
DBURITYPE, definition, Glossary-5
DBViewer Bean, 10-4
Default SQL to XML Mapping, 8-8
using XSU, 8-16, 8-43
delete processing, 8-43, 23-12
development tools, 1-3
differ (XMLDiff) bean, 10-32
DocType Node, Creating, 4-56
DOCTYPE, definition, Glossary-5
document clones in multiple threads, 4-63
Document Object Model, definition, Glossary-5
Document Type Definition, definition, Glossary-5
C, 1-22
C++, 1-24
Java, 1-20
PL/SQL, 1-26
API, 4-55
definition, Glossary-5
interface, 21-2
tree-based API, 4-8
using API, 20-23
DOM and SAX APIs, 4-7, 13-6, 16-7
guidelines for usage, 4-9
DOM fidelity, definition, Glossary-6
DOMBuilder Bean, 10-3, 10-5
asynchronous parsing, 10-5
DOMException when Setting Node Value, 4-61
DOMNamespace() class, 4-22
domsample, 20-6
caching, 4-48
definition, Glossary-5
limitations, 6-3
using with Class Generator for Java, 7-8


EJB, definition, Glossary-6
Electronic Data Interchange, definition, Glossary-6
element, definition, Glossary-6
complexType, 7-4
simpleType, 7-4
empty element, definition, Glossary-6
Enterprise Java Bean, definition, Glossary-6
entity references, 4-73
entity, definition, Glossary-7
errors when parsing a document, 20-32
errors, HTML, 5-13
existnode, definition, Glossary-7
eXtensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Object, definition, Glossary-7
eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation, definition, Glossary-7
eXtensible Stylesheet Language, definition, Glossary-7
extract, definition, Glossary-7


FAQ, 1-28
JDeveloper, 25-9
XML applications, 24-15
XSU, 8-46, 23-16
first child node's value, 4-59
Folder, definition, Glossary-8
Foldering, definition, Glossary-8
FAQ, 9-90
serializer, 9-53
serializer to produce PDF, 9-64
FOP, Apache, xxxviii
FOP, definition, Glossary-8
Frequently Asked Questions
Class Generator for Java, 7-29
XML Parser for PL/SQL, 20-16
XSQL Servlet, 9-79
functional index, Glossary-8
further references, 1-41


generated XML, 1-28
customizing, 8-12
simpleType element classes, 7-7
top level complexType element classes, 7-7
generating XML, 8-17, 8-32
using DBMS_XMLQuery, 23-2
using XSU command line, getXML, 8-17
getCtx, 23-2, 23-7
getDocType(), 7-8
getNodeValue(), 20-34
getXML, 8-17
getXMLClob, 23-6


HASPATH, definition, Glossary-8
hierarchical indexing, definition, Glossary-8
hierarchical mapping, 4-80
HP/UX, 4-82
definition, Glossary-9
errors, 5-13
parsing, 20-32
definition, Glossary-9
HTTPURITYPE, definition, Glossary-8
Hypertext Markup Language, definition, Glossary-9
Hypertext Transport Protocol, definition, Glossary-9
hypertext, definition, Glossary-9


iAS, definition, Glossary-15
IDE, definition, Glossary-9
IIOP, definition, Glossary-10
INPATH, definition, Glossary-9
insert, XSU, 8-15
inserting special characters into XML, 4-73
inserting XML
using XSU, 8-38
insertXML, 23-8
class generator for Java, 7-30
instantiate, definition, Glossary-9
Integrated Development Environment, definition, Glossary-9
interMedia, definition, Glossary-10
Internet File System, definition, Glossary-10


Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition, definition, Glossary-10
Java API for XML Processing (JAXP), definition, Glossary-10
Java Class Generator, 7-1
Java Database Connectivity, definition, Glossary-10
Java Naming and Directory Interface, definition, Glossary-11
Java Runtime Environment, definition, Glossary-11
Java, definition, Glossary-10
JavaBean, definition, Glossary-10
JavaBeans, 1-11
JAVASYSPRIV, granting, 4-77
JAXP, Glossary-11
examples, 4-37
JAXP (Java API for XML Processing), 4-37
JDBC driver, 8-24
JDBC, definition, Glossary-10, Glossary-11
JDeveloper, 22-1, 23-1, 25-1, 26-1
3.2, 24-2
BC4J, 25-7
definition, Glossary-11
FAQ, 24-15
introduction, 24-2
mobile application, 25-9
support for XDK for JavaBeans, 10-2
using XSQL servlet from, 24-12
what's needed, 24-7
XML features, 24-9
JDK, 4-71
definition, Glossary-11
JRE, definition, Glossary-11
JServer(JVM) Option, 20-20
JServer, definition, Glossary-12
JSP, definition, Glossary-11
JVM, 20-20
definition, Glossary-11
JVM, definition, Glossary-12


keepObjectOpen(), 8-30, 23-4


LAN, definition, Glossary-12
lazy type conversions, definition, Glossary-12
Linux, 20-25
listener, definition, Glossary-12
LOB, definition, Glossary-12
local area network, definition, Glossary-12


hierarchical, 4-80
primer, XSU, 8-8
maxRows, 8-29
memory errors, 20-22
Merging XML Documents, 4-75
getDocument(), DOMBuilder Bean, 10-6
addXSLTransformerListener(), 10-11
DOMBuilder Bean, 10-6
domBuilderError(), 10-6
DOMBuilderOver(), 10-6
domBuilderStarted(), 10-6
generate(), 7-5, 7-8
getDocType(), 7-8
getPreferredSize(), TreeViewer Bean (XML), 10-15
setType, 7-6
setXMLDocument(doc), 10-15
updateUI(), TreeViewer Bean (XML), 10-15
mobile application
JDeveloper, 25-9
multiple outputs, 5-20
multiple XML documents, delimiting, 4-74


name-level locking, definition, Glossary-13
feature in XML Class Generator for Java, 7-4
namespace, definition, Glossary-13
XML, 4-5
national character Large Object, definition, Glossary-13
NCLOB, definition, Glossary-13
no rows exception, 8-35
node, definition, Glossary-13
NOTATION, definition, Glossary-13
N-tier, definition, Glossary-13


OAG, definition, Glossary-13
OAI, definition, Glossary-14
OASIS, definition, Glossary-15
Object View, definition, Glossary-14
object-relational, definition, Glossary-14
definition, Glossary-14
OE, definition, Glossary-14
OIS, definition, Glossary-15
Open Applications Group, definition, Glossary-13
node-set, 5-10
output, 5-10
oracg, 7-3
oracg command line utility, 7-3
Oracle Application Server, definition, Glossary-15
Oracle Exchange
definition, Glossary-14
Oracle Integration Server, definition, Glossary-15
Oracle Text, 1-19
Oracle Text, definition, Glossary-15
Oracle XML DB, definition, Glossary-15
ORACLE_HOME, definition, Glossary-15
oracle.cabo.ui package, 26-4
putXML, 8-22
XSU command line, 8-17
OracleXMLNoRowsException, 8-45
OracleXMLQuery, 8-23
OracleXMLSave, 8-23, 8-37, 8-38, 8-40, 8-43
OracleXMLSQLException, 8-45
oraxml, 5-6
oraxsl, 5-6
command line interfaces
oraxsl, 5-6
OraXSL Parser, 4-80
ORB, definition, Glossary-14
Ordered Collection in Tables, definition, Glossary-15
out of memory errors, 20-22
Out Variable, 9-84
Output Escaping, 4-74


package oracle.cabo.ui, 26-4
paginating results, 8-29
parent element, definition, Glossary-15
parser case-sensitivity, 4-50
Parser for C, 13-1
Parser for C++, 16-1
Parser for Java, 4-1
constructor extension functions, 5-8
oraxsl command line interfaces
oraxsl, 5-6
return value extension function, 5-9
validation modes, 4-5
Parser for PL/SQL, 20-1
parser, definition, Glossary-16
Parsers, XML, 4-2
errors, 20-32
HTML, 20-32
string, 4-72
URLs, 20-32
pathname, definition, Glossary-16
PCDATA, definition, Glossary-16
PDA, definition, Glossary-16
PDF results using FOP, 9-53
Personal Digital Assistant, definition, Glossary-16
binding values in XSU, 23-6
definition, Glossary-16
generating XML with DBMS_XMLQuery, 23-2
parser, 20-1
XSU, 23-2
PL/SQL parser specifications, B-1
principal, definition, Glossary-16
delete, 23-12
insert, 8-38
insert in PL/SQL, 23-8
update, 8-40, 23-10
prolog, definition, Glossary-17
setGeneraterComments(), 7-8
setJavaPackage(string), 7-8
setOutputDirectory(string), 7-8
PUBLIC, definition, Glossary-17
putXML, 8-20


quick references
XDK for Java, A-1
XDK for PL/SQL, B-1


renderer, definition, Glossary-17
repository, definition, Glossary-17
Resource Definition Framework, definition, Glossary-17
resource name, definition, Glossary-17
resource, definition, Glossary-17
result set objects, 8-32
result set, definition, Glossary-17
root element, definition, Glossary-17
root objects, creating multiple with class generator, 7-30


SAX, 4-2
event -based API, 4-8
SAX API, 4-7, 4-57, 13-6, 16-7
SAX, definition, Glossary-18
SAXParser() class, 4-26, 4-58
schema, definition, Glossary-18
Schema, XML, definition, 4-71
SchemaClassGenerator, 7-5
Secure Sockets Layer, definition, Glossary-18
with XSU, 8-14
Server-Side Include (SSI), Glossary-18
Servlet Conditional Statements, 9-79
servlet, definition, Glossary-18
servlet, XSQL, 9-1
session, definition, Glossary-18
setBindValue, 23-2
setKeyColumn, 8-44
setKeyColumn(), 23-13
setMaxRows, 23-4
setRaiseNoRowsException(), 23-5
setSkipRows, 23-4
setStylesheetHeader(), 23-6
setUpdateColumnName(), 23-10, 23-12
XML SQL Utility (XSU)
setUpdateColumnNames(), 8-42
SGML, definition, Glossary-19
Simple API for XML, definition, Glossary-18
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), definition, Glossary-18
simpleType, 7-4
generating element class, 7-7
skipRows, 8-29
JDeveloper support for, 11-7
server, 11-6
what is, 11-2
SOAP, definition, Glossary-18
special characters, 4-72
SQL, definition, Glossary-19
storing XML, 8-37
using XSU command line, putXML, 8-20
storing XML in the database, 23-7
Stylesheet, definition, Glossary-19
XSU, 23-5
SYS_XMLAGG, definition, Glossary-19
SYS_XMLGEN, definition, Glossary-19
SYSTEM, definition, Glossary-19
System.out.primtln(), 4-72


tag, definition, Glossary-19
TCP/IP, definition, Glossary-20
thin driver
connecting XSU, 8-25
thread safety, 16-3
thread, definition, Glossary-19
Transviewer Beans, 10-1
Transviewer, definition, Glossary-20
TransX Utility, 1-18, 12-1
command-line syntax, 12-6
sample code, 12-8
TransXUtility, definition, Glossary-20
Treeviewer Bean, 10-3, 10-13
Tuning with XSQL, 9-59


UDDI, 11-3
UI, definition, Glossary-21
UIX, 26-2
components, 26-4
features, 26-2
more information about, 26-8
technologies, 26-3
when not to use, 26-3
which technologies to use, 26-6
UIX, definition, Glossary-21
Uniform Resource Identifier, definition, Glossary-20
Uniform Resource Locator, definition, Glossary-20
update processing, 23-10
update, XSU, 8-15
table using keyColumns, XSU, 8-41
using XSU, 8-40
XDK for Java to Oracle9i, 5-2
URI, definition, Glossary-20
URL, definition, Glossary-20
usage techniques, 8-45
User Interface XML, 26-2
User Interface XML (UIX), definition, Glossary-21
user interface, definition, Glossary-21
useStyleSheet(), 23-6
UTF-16 Encoding, 4-65


valid, definition, Glossary-21
validating against XML schema, 4-70
non-validating mode, 4-5
partial validation mode, 4-5
schema validation mode, 4-5
validating Mode, 4-5
value of a tag, obtaining, 4-77


W3C, definition, Glossary-22
WAN, definition, Glossary-21
Web Objects Gallery, 25-16
Web Request Broker, definition, Glossary-21
web services, 11-2
WebDAV, definition, Glossary-21, Glossary-22
web-to-go server, A-6
well-formed, definition, Glossary-21
WG, definition, Glossary-22
wide area network, definition, Glossary-21
World Wide Web Consortium, definition, Glossary-22
World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning, definition, Glossary-22
Wrapper, definition, Glossary-22
WRB, definition, Glossary-21
wrong_document_err, 4-60
WSDL, 11-3


XDBbinary, definition, Glossary-22
XDK for C
installation, 3-2
XDK for C++
installation, 3-14
XDK for Java
globalization support, 2-16
installation, 2-2
XDK for Java Beans
installation, 2-17
installation, 3-27
XDK for PL/SQL Toolkit, 20-17
XDK Version Numbers, 4-71
XLink, definition, Glossary-22
good references, 4-81
serialization/compression, 4-10
XML applications, 22-1, 23-1, 25-1, 26-1
JDeveloper, 24-15
with JDeveloper, 24-11
XML C++ Class Generator, 19-1
XML Class Generator, 1-10
oracg utility, 7-3
XML Class Generator for Java, 7-2
XML components, 1-2
generating XML documents, 1-19
XML Compressor, 4-10
XML Developer's Kit (XDK), definition, Glossary-23
XML discussion forum, 13-2, 14-2
XML document, added as a child, 4-67
XML documents, 1-20
XML Documents, Merging, 4-75
XML features
in JDeveloper 3.2, 24-9
XML Gateway, 1-19
XML in CLOBs, 20-21
XML Namespaces, 4-5
XML Parser
oraxml command line interface, 5-6
XML Parser for C, 13-1
sample programs, 13-9, 14-6
XML Parser for C++, 16-1, 16-2
XML Parser for Java
XML data, using XML Parser for Java, 4-10
XML parser for Java
character sets, A-3
XML Parser for PL/SQL, 20-1
FAQs, 20-16
XML parsers, 1-8
XML Query, definition, Glossary-23
XML Schema
compared to DTD, 6-2
DTD limitations, 6-3
explained, 6-2
features, 6-3
processor for Java
how to run the sample program, 6-10
supported character sets, 6-6
usage, 6-8
processor for Java features , Oracle's, 6-6
XML Schema, definition, Glossary-23
XML schema, definition, 4-71
XML SQL Utility (XSU), 1-16, 23-2
advanced techniques, exception handling (PL/SQL), 23-16
binding values
PL/SQL API, 23-6
clearBindValues() with PL/SQL API, 23-6
command line usage, 8-17
connecting to the database, 8-24
connecting with a thin driver, 8-25
connecting with OCI* JDBC driver, 8-24
customizing generated XML, 8-12
DBMS_XMLQuery, 23-2
DBMS_XMLSave(), 23-7
deletes, 8-16
deleting from XML documents, 8-43
dependencies and installation, 8-4
explained, 8-2
for Java, 8-22
getXML command line, 8-17
getXMLClob, 23-6
how it works, 8-14
inserting with command line and putXML, 8-20
inserting XML into database, 8-38
inserts, 8-15
keepObjectOpen function, 8-30
mapping primer, 8-8
OracleXLlQuery API, 8-23
OracleXMLSave API, 8-23
putting XML back in database with OracleXMLSave, 8-37
selects, 8-14
setKeycolumn function, 8-44
setRaiseNoRowsException(), 23-5
setting stylesheets, PL/SQL, 23-5
updates, 8-15
updating, 8-41
updating XML documents in tables, 8-40
XML SQL Utility XSU)
useStyleSheet(), 23-6
XML SQL Utility(XSU)
creating context handles with getCtx, 23-2
XML to Java Object Mapping, 7-30
XML Transviewer JavaBeans, 1-11, 10-2
XML Tree, Traversing, 4-55
XML, definition, Glossary-7
xmlcg usage, 19-5
XMLDiff Bean, 10-32
XMLGEN, is deprecated. See DBMS_XMLQUERY and DBMS_XMLSAVE, 8-4
XMLNode.selectNodes() Method, 4-56
XMLSourceView Bean, 10-3, 10-15
XMLTransformPanel() Bean, 10-4, 10-20
XMLType views, definition, Glossary-23
definition, Glossary-23
XPointer, definition, Glossary-24
good references, 4-81
XSL stylesheets
setStylesheetHeader() in XSU PL/SQL, 23-6
useStyleSheet() with XSU PL/SQL, 23-6
XSL Transformation (XSLT) Processor, 1-9, 4-4, 5-2
XSL, definition, Glossary-7
XSLFO, definition, Glossary-7
xslsample, 20-7
XSLT, 4-4
node-set built in extension, 5-10
output built in extension, 5-10
XSLTransformer bean, 10-9
XSLT Processor, 21-2
XSLT, definition, Glossary-7
XSLTransformer Bean, 10-3, 10-9
action handler errors, 9-77
built-in action handler elements, 9-73
clients, building with BC4J, 25-15
XSQL Clients with BC4J, 25-15
XSQL Component Palette, 24-7
XSQL Page Processor, 1-12
XSQL servlet, 1-12, 9-1, 24-12
FAQs, 9-79
XSQL servlet specifications, A-6
XSQL, definition, Glossary-24
XSQLCommandLine Utility, 9-18
XSQLConfig.xml, 9-59
XSU, 1-16
client-side, 8-17
FAQ, 8-46, 23-16
generating XML, 8-17
generating XML strings from a table, example, 8-24
insert processing in PL/SQL, 23-8
mapping primer, 8-8
PL/SQL, 23-2
stylesheets, 23-5
usage guidelines, 8-8
using, 8-2
where you can run, 8-5

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